A further note on my Political Sociology

Rather different from my systematic accounts of economic sociology, my politics related works are rather scattered among various fields:

Network Politics: Based on recent research on the smart revolution, political issues that emerge including topics such as smart surveillance, online populism, digital political parties, algocracy and algo-democracy. Further remarks are also made on post-liberalism.

Urban Politics: Emerging political issues based on my involvement in the land justice movement in recent years include property hegemony, community movements, public spaces, and urban commons, political ecology, and more.

Community Design and Experiments: Issues stemming from my recent community involvement and student supervision include social innovation, community design, place making, policy labs, and more.

New Socio-economic Movements: Ranging from community economics, fair trade, conscientious consumption, community agriculture, to shared cities, all can be categorised as “new socio-economic movements,” distinct from “new social movements.” This was the primary focus of my early my Oxfam years and latter became the research topic of my doctoral thesis.

2014 Umbrella Movement: Primary research materials were provided for my book “Generation in Frustration,” published in 2015. This is my third work on generational conflicts and politics, focusing especially on the political time-framing of different generations.

2019 Political Movement: The publication of “Writings at the Crossroads of History” includes a considerable number of political commentaries from 2019, touching on the movements and other major historical events such as the May Fourth Movement and the June Fourth Incident.

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