A very short bio of Dr. Chow Sung-ming

Dr. Chow Sung-ming, specialised in economic sociology and social history, was a social activist and lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, currently relocated to Vancouver, BC. Selected publications include: Buying Brings Changes (2012), Sharing Cities (2014), David Harvey’s Geographical Critique of Capitalism (2015), Open Cooperativism (2017), Economics? I Can Do! (2022), as well as The Genealogy of Hong Kong in Cinema (2023), among others. All in Chinese.

Catastrophe and Reconstruction: Human Future under the Impact of ChatGPT, a new book published in 2023, together with Dystopia: from Smart Revolution to Post-human Future (2022) and The Coming of Post-employment Society (2018), form the “Smart Revolution Trilogy”. All three books attempt to argue not technology, but power and resource distribution, is the key to future of human civilisation.

🤣The above picture was captured in Merida, Mexico, demonstrating a possibility of digital nomadism.

🤣🤣 The banner picture of chowsungming.com, on the top, was taken by a journalist in 2014, featuring Paul Chan Mau-po, a top Hong Kong official, months before the umbrella Movement.

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